Osho Sport is a pioneer and premier Sport company in India, promoting & marketing equipments & events related to Winter Sport, Field Sport & Indoor Sports.

Osho Sport Vision is working very closely for promotion & improvement in performance of India’s Athletes & Sport infrastructure with Sport Ministry, Sport Authority Of India, Various Sports Federations & Associations related to Winter Sport, Mountaineering, Indoor Sports & Field Sports.

Osho Sport is also working very closely with Indian Army & various other division of Internal Security agencies who require Skiing, Mountaineering, Ski Maintenance & various other Snow Equipments, Clothing & Accessories for the protection of Indian Borders under Himalayan Region & Glaciers during there postings.

Osho Sport is proud to be exclusively Distributing & Marketing some of the leading sports brands under various sports categories of Winter Sport, Field Sport & Indoor Sports in India.

Osho Sport Group has business interest in Sport, Garments, Defence Supplies, UN Relief Supplies & Pharmaceuticals.


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