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IndiaSkis is happy to bring BOTAS, one of the largest & leading manufacturers of Ice Hockey Skates in the world to India. Botas is more than 50 years old company specializing in Sports Footwear and Skates. Botas is also a leading contract manufacturer of some of the biggest names in Ice Hockey Skates & Figure Skating Skates.


Professional & Elite Ice Hockey

Code: HK 48001-7-700

Sizes: 39-48

Color Silver / Bla ck

PRO model for professional and top class level in a new design, improved ergonomic construction and modern technology; high wearing comfort and safety, low weight, carbon sole. The model is offered with BOTAS ICEHAWK PRO skates with STAINLESS STEEL blades.

Top Class Ice Hockey

Code: HK48002-7-701


Colors: Silver / Blue

Model for top class level in a new design and improved ergonomic construction and technology with pleasant comfort of wear and foot protection; the model has similar technical parameters and technologies to the previous model Mirage 561. Supplied with BOTAS ICEHAWK PRO skates with hp STAINLESS STEEL blades. Special technologies and constructions: LTT, FFT, PAS–FIT, TST 2, IAP, FUTURE REGULAR DRQ, BOTAS ICEHAWK PRO

Performance Ice Hockey

Code: HK 48003-7-702

Sizes: 35-48

Colors: Silver / Black

Model with wide range of use for those who play ice– hockey actively and for junior competitions, also has the same range of top parameters and technologies as the model CYCLONE 461. Completed with BOTAS ICEHAWK PRO skates with lightened construction and STAINLESS STEEL blades.

Special technologies and constructions: LTT, FFT, PAS–FIT, SLIM –T, DDP, TST, IAP Medium, BOTAS ICEHAWK PRO

Leisure Ice Hockey And Free Style Skating

Code: HK46084-3-526
Sizes: 27-34

Code: HK46084-7-526
Sizes: 35-48

Colors: Titan/Silver

Model for active sportman with protective features. Boot with ergonomic cut of upper and lateral reinforcement and stitching. Surface of synthetic and PA fibre is reinforced with plastic toe-cap to protect the toes reliability. Lining of synthetic velour padded with latex and PE foam, completed with Botas ICEHAWK Skates with Carbon ULTRA STEEL or FALCON CARBON STEEL blades.

Leisure Skating For Pleasure

Code: HK58005-3-753
Sizes: 27-34

Code: HK58005-7-753
Sizes: 35-48

Colors: Black/ Silver/ Red

Model designed for the general public satisfying in terms of its parameters and safety features the qualities of footwear for both leisure ice–hockey and recreational skating. Upper of boot is strengthened and firmed in the ankle area. Soft textile lining and padding of ankles, plastic TST toe, completed with BOTAS FALCON skates with CARBON STEEL blades.


Leisure Skating For Pleasure

Code: HK56006-7-546
Sizes: 35-42
Colors: Silver/ Red/ Black

Two piece skeleton with soft inner boot for optimum firming of foot and comfortable skating. Easy fastening with the aid of instep buckle and AUTO LOCK buckle with safety catch Variable setting of individual size with the aid of alignment levers on sole.

Special Set For Rental Shops

Code: HK46086-3-528
Sizes: 27-34
Colors: black/titan
Code: HK46086-7-528
Sizes: 35-48
Colors: black/titan

Resistance Synthetic material and construction for increased lifetime. Rapid fastening hooks for easy and rapid lacing and clear marking of size for easy orientation. The model is completed with BOTAS ICEHAWK Skates with lightened construction with CARBON ULTRA STEEL or FALCON CARBON STEEL blades.

Goalkeeper Set For Professional And Elite Ice  Hockey

Code: HK41022-7-141
Sizes: UK 6-12
Colors: black/silver

Lightened cobra skeleton with integrated skate. Engonomically improved construction of toe and inner part of skeleton. Asymmetric construction allows for sure straight and sideways movement during play. Anatomical tongue, soft CLARINO lining with DDP double density padding, rust proof Ms lacing rings, anatomical BOTAS –E insole.

Junior Goalkeeper Set For Performance Ice Hockey

Code: HK41023-7-142
Sizes: 35-38
Colors: Black

Popular model for junior with increased protection against wear and tear. TST plastic toe, padded with PES foam and overall increased reinforcement protects against impacts. Combination of synthetic material and PA fibre. Goalkeeper’s skates with special surface treatment.

Children Sets For Goalkeepers

Code: HK43046-3-228
Sizes: 32-34
Colors: Black

For hopeful beginning goalkeepers, plastic toe convered with strong natural leather provides excellent toe protection. Padded lining ensures  high resistance to wear and tear. Goalkeepers skates with special surface treatment.
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