Snowboard Belt Grinding Sanding Machine


IndiaSkis is bringing the world of excellence in Ski & Snowboard service machines from Montana – Switzerland for India.

MONTANA has been a pioneer in ski and snowboard service. MONTANA machines are built with more than 30 years of experience. The first stone grinder was produced by MONTANA 28 years ago. MONTANA machines are well built and very solid. MONTANA machines are a real value investment. The resale value is very high. The MONTANA service technicians make sure that the machines are always working with top performance. From MONTANA you get the most for your money – more technology and friendly customer service. MONTANA is affordable for all shops – small, medium and large, it is always an economical choice. MONTANA service technology produces extremely smooth and consistent base and edge finishes, a high capacity per hour and as a result a fully prepared ready to use ski or board.


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Snowboard Belt Grinding Machines

SNOWBOARD LC: Sanding Machine

Base grinder LC is a universal, solid belt grinding machine that is small and compact with a wide belt for skis and snowboards. 

  • 2 grinding speeds
  • Closed coolant circuit
  • Easy amnd quick belt change thanks to belt tensioning system
  • Space saving


  • Adjustable feed wheel (version V)
  • Side edge sharpener (version E)
  • Machine on casters with brakes

Technical data

 Rated power

4.0 kW


3 x 400 V / 50 Hz or 3 x 220 V 50/60 Hz


16 A


35 liters


600 mm  (standard)         800 mm (model S)


850 mm


900 mm  (standard)       1.300 mm (model V)


245 kg    (standard)           375 kg (model S/V)

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