Base Repair Machines


IndiaSkis is bringing the world of excellence in Ski & Snowboard service machines from Montana – Switzerland for India.

MONTANA has been a pioneer in ski and snowboard service. MONTANA machines are built with more than 30 years of experience. The first stone grinder was produced by MONTANA 28 years ago. MONTANA machines are well built and very solid. MONTANA machines are a real value investment. The resale value is very high. The MONTANA service technicians make sure that the machines are always working with top performance. From MONTANA you get the most for your money – more technology and friendly customer service. MONTANA is affordable for all shops – small, medium and large, it is always an economical choice. MONTANA service technology produces extremely smooth and consistent base and edge finishes, a high capacity per hour and as a result a fully prepared ready to use ski or board.


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Base Repair Machines

P-TEX MASTER: Base repair machine for 2 Skis or 1 Snowboard

For the base repair of skis and snowboards. Thus that can be repaired in one working operation without templates. This machine works automatic: the operator can do other things during the repair process. P-TEX-MASTER is a very efficient and economic solution because resole speed, material supply and pressure can be regulated variably.

  • Adjustable pneumatic pressure up to 100 kg
  • Minimum of space required
  • Ventilation system included
  • Low melting temperature i.e. no damage to base material
  • 5-fold wire feed means higher capacity
  • Electronic change of colors black / transparent
  • Use of 3 mm P-tex wire
MRS: Base repair machine for 1 Ski or Snowboard

The machine for workshops with minimum space availability. The MRS is an efficient and economic solution for the repair of skis and snowboards. The MRS is very handy. When the machine is not used, the support extensions can be folded up and pushed together. Space saving. Speed of resoling, material quantity and pressure setting is variably adjustable.

  • Variable speed of wire-feed especially good for carving skis to save material
  • Adjustable pneumatic pressure up to 60 kg
  • Low melting temperature i.e. no damage to base material, saves energy
  • Double wire feed means higher capacity
  • For all skis such as telemark to wide skis and carving skis as well as snowboards
  • Ventilation system included
  • Use of 5 mm P-tex wire

Automatic unloading

MONTY EXTRUDER: Hand-held extruder for base Repair

The MONTY ski base extruder is used for recoating small areas of damaged running surfaces. The heated nozzle is 40 mm wide. Half width coating is possible. Built-in temperature control for correct setting of nozzle/pre-heating zone to achieve good bond with the repair material. The P-Tex wire is automatically transported.

  • The fast and handy repair system
  • For 3 mm P-Tex wire
  • High precision temperature control
  • Best possible resole quality thanks to electronically controller temperature control
  • The ideal addition to the MONTANA automatic resolers.
Use of 5 mm P-tex wire
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